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TRAIN TRACK Web Version User Manual




The web interface is designed to be used as a supplement to the standard client/server version, so that you still have all of the features of the traditional application, but you will also have the flexibility to allow some users to view or edit data through their web browser. The web interface does not replace the traditional interface, but offers a much faster option for viewing or editing data, especially for remote users.

The web interface does not have all of the features of the traditional user interface. Much of your data management may still be handled through the standard interface. In the coming months we plan to add more functionality to the web version, so that users may eventually be able to manage all of their data through a web browser.


Using This Manual


Some of the functions will only be available to specified user levels. The Read-only user will not be able to edit any data, and the Standard user will not be able to edit users. The images may differ slightly from those on your screen.


System Requirements


A web server that supports .asp files.

The TRAIN TRACK™ SQL Server database.

A network connection.

A web browser.


User Interface


The web-based user interface can be viewed using a web browser. We recommend IE, Chrome, or Firefox. (Safari has some formatting issues but can still be used).