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TRAIN TRACK Web Version User Manual




Users may schedule classes in advance and enroll employees, or allow employees to register for classes themselves. Users may also view or edit existing classes and enrolled employees, and mark completions for a class all at once.


View Class List

To view the list of scheduled classes, select Classes > View / Enroll from the navigation bar. The Class List screen will open. This screen displays a list of all scheduled classes for future dates.


The following fields are included:

  1. Class ID
  2. Training Name
  3. Trainer
  4. Class Date
  5. Class Time
  6. Class Location

10 records are displayed per page. To move to a different page in the recordset, click the navigation links at the bottom of the table. The location within the recordset and the total number of records are displayed to the left of the navigation links.

Class List

View Class Detail

To open the detail record, select a class from the list and click on the Class ID. The class detail screen will open.

View Participants

From the detail screen, click View Participants to see a list of employees scheduled for the class.



Any user may enroll in a scheduled class. To enroll, follow these steps:

1. Locate the class on the class list and click the Class ID.
2. Click Enroll in this class.
3. On the confirmation page, click Enroll.
4. The completed enrollment information will be displayed.


Schedule Class

To schedule a class, from the navigation pane, select Schedule Class. Select the training title and enter data in the other fields (optional). You will need to enter a passing score in order for pass/fail to be calculated.


Completed Classes

To view the list of completed classes, select Classes > Completed Classes from the navigation bar. The Class List screen will open. This screen displays a list of all scheduled classes for past dates.


Mark All Completed

To mark completions for a scheduled class at once, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation bar, for a future class select Classes > View / Enroll or for a past class select Classes > Completed Classes.
  2. The class list will open. Select the class and click on the Class ID.
  3. Click View Participants.
  4. From the list of participants, click Record Completions for this Class.
  5. Edit the completion dates as needed and click Mark All Complete. The listed dates will be inserted as completion dates for the enrolled employees. If one or more employees did not complete the class, simply leave the date blank for those employees.