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TRAIN TRACK Web Version User Manual




This application needs to be installed by an IT professional with knowledge about your network and web server. She/he must know how to set up a web application to run on your intranet, with appropriate security in place. She/he will also need to set up a DSN on the server, and install the SQL Server database. Liberty Labs cannot provide support for your network connection issues or your web server configuration.

The web-based interface is designed to work with the client/server application and run on your web server. Before installing the web components, the client/server application should already be in place. You may wish to use a test copy of the database for testing prior to releasing the application to end-users.


1. Set up TRAIN TRACK Client/Server version.

See instructions that came with the client/server application files.

2. Set up your web server.

To run ASP pages, you need an application server that supports Microsoft Active Server Pages 2.0., such as Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services), which comes with Windows but may need to be turned on. The following instructions are for configuring IIS version 7:









3. Locate the root folder of your web server.

The following are the default root folders of selected web servers:



To test the web server, place a test HTML page in the default root folder and attempt to open it by entering the page’s URL in a browser. The URL comprises the domain name and the filename of the HTML page, as follows: www.example.com/testpage.htm. If the web server is running on your local computer, you can use localhost instead of a domain name. Enter one of the following localhost URLs to match your web server:


If the page doesn’t open as expected, check for the following errors:

4. Create a new folder for the application inside the root folder.

For example, using IIS, \Inetpub\wwwroot\TRAINTRACK\

5. Unzip the .asp files into this folder.

6. Set up a DSN on your web server. 

Add the user IUSR as a login. Under user mappings, select the database and assign datareader and datawriter  to the user.

7. Open your web browser and Browse to the location of the .asp files.

For example: http://www.localhost/TRAINTRACK/login.asp